Mindset Shift: From Holding Back to Leading with Power, with Jeannine Widmann

I coach Jeannine Widmann, the VP of Human Resources and People Management at a software start-up, around Imposter Syndrome, holding back, and speaking from a place of knowing, truth, and power. 

As a woman at a roundtable of men, she sometimes finds herself challenged by her own stories around the importance of her work and her view of the landscape. In this episode we explore and separate truth from fiction, helping her find clarity around what to say, and how to say it, so that it aligns with who she is: an intelligent, perceptive woman with an important project to implement. 

Without making anyone wrong, we discuss how sometimes as women, we devalue our own work and our own importance, when what is needed is exactly the opposite. 

What are you holding back on, that isn’t aligned with your big dreams?
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Work with Geraldine:

Strategy Session

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