Stop Magical Thinking: The Math Needs to Add Up

Are you running your business on borrowed time and magic math? Do you get to the end of the day feeling overworked, exhausted, and wondering why you just can’t seem to make it all work? 

The culprit could be Magical Thinking: you have not done the math to determine if how much you charge, how many clients you see, how long you see each client for… fits into a 40 hour work-week and meets your income needs. 

In this episode I use 3 colorful metaphors to keep it interesting, while I talk about

1) How many PBJ’s do you need for a 15-mile hike? 2, or 3? Turns out, the math says you need 5. We use this metaphor to get clear about your income needs, and the number of clients you need to serve at what rate and for how much time. 

2) Assume a spherical cow. We don’t want guessing or eyeballing, but sometimes approximate is good enough. Don’t get lost in the weeds. 

3) There is a formula behind everything. Even your pressure cooker uses PV = T. Your business runs on a formula that we can figure out. And once we do, why you are overtired and underpaid suddenly becomes clear, and no longer deniable. 

Download the PDF “Stop Magical Thinking! The Math Needs To Add Up” here. 

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PDF: Stop Magical Thinking! The Math Needs To Add Up


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