If you forgot to pick up your copy of Algal Research, you might have missed that microbiologist Carrine Blank made an important discovery in 2016 – namely, that the genome sequences of certain cyanobacterial species contained predicted chitin metabolizing genes. 

That’s right.

In this episode I take you on a wild scientific ride. If you took molecular biology, it will come in handy today!

This discovery allows Carrine to grow algae using products from 2 different waste streams:

  1. A polymer called chitin, which is a material used by crustaceans and mushrooms in their shells and cell wall structure.
  2. Waste water with dissolved phosphorus.

The algae turn all this into 2 viable market products:

  1. Astaxanthin, which can be used for its red dye or antioxidant properties.
  2. Biofuel, as a replacement for fossil fuel.

while cleaning the phosphorus from the water.

If you get lost in the science, don’t worry – I throw you a rescue line with a simple explanation of the whole system part-way through this conversation.

The implications of Carrine’s discovery are far-reaching — I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about this discovery, where she might take it, and what other developments and technologies may eventually spring from it.

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